From all I can gather, William Lindsay was the straightest of arrows, a saint. In an attempt to keep his experiences accessible, I'm dedicating a few years of research into William Lindsay and putting it on this blog. Please sign the guestbook. I'd love for this to be a gathering place for discussion on the man and his family.

Friday, January 21, 2011

This Day in History: Jury Duty: 1898

William Lindsay among the list of 84 community members selected for jury duty and reported in the Wasatch Wave on 1/21/1898. It is unknown if he ever was called as a juror. After having read just a little bit of the early history of Wasatch County, there are a lot of familiar names. Going to trial in such a close community would have been problematic or easy, depending on your network and status within the community.

This is perhaps not one of the most exciting findings from the Wasatch Wave, but digitization of the newspaper from 1889-1922 has allowed "citizen historians" to do their own searches. This is the first of many articles that I found while searching for mentions of William Lindsay.

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