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Monday, May 28, 2012

1894 Sunday School Training Notebook

1894 Notebook

Location: Church History Library - Manuscript Reference Desk

Physical description: Notebook about 6" x 8"; 67 pages with handwritten notes by William Lindsay on them, about as many pages that are blank

Content description: This notebook contains notes and assignments from the 1894 Sunday School Normal training that occurred at Brigham Young Academy between January 8th and March of 1894. 

Lessons include history of Sunday School in Christianity and among Latter-Day Saints, Sunday School methods and principles of teaching, rules in storytelling, and psychology.  There is no personal insight, margin notes, or reflection.  Instead it appears to be like a transcript of things written on the blackboard or otherwise emphasized, but dictated, to be recorded. Therefore, the notebook appears to have more historical value to the Sunday School auxiliary organization than to family history.  Teachers included Joseph B. Keeler, David McKenzie, Karl G. Maeser, and George H. Brimhall. I considered having the notebook copied, and I'm not sure that it is feasible given that the manuscript is in the church's special collections, but I decided I would wait. Should somebody decide to pursue this, it is $.50 a page for a black and white copy, or about $34 for a copy of every page with writing.


  1. How much would it be if copied the whole book?

  2. Well, $34. Unless you wanted copies of blank pages (for which there are numerous). Then it would be triple or quadruple that, but again there is no need to copy the whole notebook.