From all I can gather, William Lindsay was the straightest of arrows, a saint. In an attempt to keep his experiences accessible, I'm dedicating a few years of research into William Lindsay and putting it on this blog. Please sign the guestbook. I'd love for this to be a gathering place for discussion on the man and his family.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Sources of information

Almost all my information for William Lindsay came from the following sources:

The Autobiography

The autobiography is publicly available at the BYU special collections, and I believe that the Church History Archives as well as the Utah State Historical Society have versions as well.

Utah Digital Newspapers (The Wasatch Wave)

This was a great resource that brought out some details about William Lindsay that weren't necessarily in the autobiography including some poetry, the descriptions of the many social events that William and Mary Lindsay were a part of.

The James and Mary Murray Murdoch Family History

This book is the work of a lot of people committed in the Murdoch Family History organization. It is widely available, either through the digital .PDF version available on CD from the above link, or hardbound, or in a newly released paperback version.

How Beautiful Upon the Mountains

An extensive history over 1100 pages, this book was published in 1963 and Unfortunately is out of print and thus expensive to purchase. Hopefully soon there can be a searchable e-version. It is such a valuable resource. It seems that almost anyone who even passed through Wasatch County has a biography written about them therein. I might be exaggerating, but it has been that useful, with a lot of pictures.

Utah State Historical Society Website

This has been a great place to see photos from the day and get better context of the times. There were some documents as well that I found through this site.

Family History Archives

This is a great site to look up family history books generated by other families, some of which have information or photos that our particular branch of the family hadn't seen before.

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