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Friday, January 14, 2011


William Lindsay met Mary Mair soon after her arrival from Scotland at the home of John Murray Murdoch in the fall of 1866.

I became quite interested in them especially in the girl of which I shall have much to say as I write the story of my life.

Source:Autobiography pg 283

The following is William Lindsay's description of Mary when he first met her:
"Mary was then fourteen years of age, and she attracted my attention more than any other girl I had seen, and I visited her quite often. She had been ill crossing the plains, but soon got well and strong and was a very fine looking girl. Her cheeks were red, her eyes blue gray, and her hair was a very light yellow. And above all, she had a smiling face and a kindly sociable disposition, and a winning way that won my heart, and I seemed to win hers. There were two or three suitors who tried to win her affection, but they gave it up as they saw I was her choice. We were very happy in each other's company always, which in time, was very frequent; at meetings, Sunday School, dances, concerts and theaters. She had to work at different homes to earn her living and I used to visit her there at times. We never had any lover's quarrels as some do. Of course, I had to go off at times to work here and there, but I always got a welcome home from Mary."

Source:(The James and Mary Murray Murdoch Family History, page 113-114) *where did this originally come from, not found in journal

One of those times he had to work "here and there" was the entire summer of 1868 returning halfway across the plains to pick up fellow Mormon immigrants who could ride the railway as far as Rawlings, Wyoming. William had been dating Mary prior to leaving and at some point between finding out from Bishop Hatch that he would lead a wagon back to Wyoming (December 1867) and actually leaving (June 1868), he asked Mary to Marry him.

However before I started on that trip I had a promise from from my Dear girl that she would marry me when I returned in the fall. Source: Autobiography, Pg 284
After 4 months separation and upon safe arrival back in Heber, William said "And my Dear Mary seemed to be as glad to see me as I was to see her." (Source: Autobiography: pg 289)

There wasn't much time to continue the courtship as William felt pressure to quickly return to work. Luckily for him, he was able to find an arrangement where he could work in Echo canyon and bring his bride to be along.
Not having had a chance to earn any means all summer & still making calculations on getting married before the years was out I as quickly as possible I went out to the head of Echo canyon where most of the Heber men were working to earn some money. But they were all very much in need of someone to cook their food in decent shape. All expressed a desire that I should go back to Heber & bring two women cooks & stove & dishes. They were living in dugouts on the side of a hill & they agreed to build an extra dugout for the women & pay me for my time going after them. So on these terms I went & got my mother who had a stove & dishes & my intended wife to go also. We lost no time in getting back so we could all get to work.
There was 20 men to cook for so the women folks were kept busy & they gave good satisfaction. The men were made comfortable & got their food in good shape & I of course worked on the grade every day. We enjoyed ourselves although the night were cold it being in the month of October. Another thing we had a large dugout called Scientific hall where we gathered in the evenings & entertained each other in singing songs, reciting, speech making & reading to fill in the time. In this way we got along very nicely all being friends & neighbors & well acquainted with each other. We were there about 2 months from Oct. 1st to Dec. 1st. Of course it was very cold towards the end of our stay. The women folks were paid about $90.00 each for the 2 months work. So we loaded all our outfit into wagon & started for Heber it took 3 days to get home. As soon as we arrived we began making preparations
for going to the Endowment House in Salt Lake city to get married.

Autobiography, pg 289

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