From all I can gather, William Lindsay was the straightest of arrows, a saint. In an attempt to keep his experiences accessible, I'm dedicating a few years of research into William Lindsay and putting it on this blog. Please sign the guestbook. I'd love for this to be a gathering place for discussion on the man and his family.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Early life: Stay out of other people's business

This short event written by William's younger brother James may be the only record we have of William Lindsay being a kid and doing things that kids do. All the other instances in his life prior to Utah revolved around mining, brief schooling, or his eye accident.

"Gatehead is the first place I can remember, because of an incident
that happened in my younger life. Brother William and I were playing
when he found a large black bug. He wanted to kill it, I interfered,
and as he raised the hatchet to strike I received the blow on my nose .
I had a scar all my life to remind me to stay out of other people's
Source: James Lindsay's Autobiography

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