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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Picture mystery

The Deseret museum has received a portrait of Brigham Young in a fram made by William Bell, cabinet maker to President Young in the early days. It is said the frame was made in the fifties. It contains 130 separate pieces, stained and gilt mounting. The portrait is tinted. The picture measures 8x10 inches and the frame 20x22 inches. It was left by William Bell's wife, Mrs. Jane Laidlaw Bell, in her will, to William Lindsay of Heber City, who in turn presented it to the museum.
Source: Salt Lake Telegram, 10/29/1913
Jane Laidlaw Bell was from Scotland, she arrived in Utah a widow. Her marriage was arranged by Brigham Young to William Bell, a furniture maker. She moved with him to Heber in 1870. She died in 1887 (obituary November 12, 1897, death November 8, 1897). The connection between her and William Lindsay is unknown, other than she lived in Heber for many years prior to her death.

I emailed the Church History Library (formerly the Deseret Museum) and asked if the frame portrait exists, not because it has great value to us as a family heirloom, but out of curiosity. They were unable to locate it, saying that record keeping in 1913 was that great. They are still looking.

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