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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poem on Maggie Stevenson

The following is a small poem written by William Lindsay about a family friend, and fellow Scot, Mrs Margaret Stevenson (Maggie) who died 9/18/1917.

Park record 10/5/1917

Our dear old friend and neighbor's gone to meet a good reward.
Which will be granted her, before the bar of god.
We are sorry that she died away far from her cosey home,
That she worked so very hard to make in many years that's gone.
And where she had so many friends who loved her for her worth.
Who gladly would have eased her pains, while she remained on earth
But we know she'll meet her loved ones, Who have passed on before,
And they with her will now rejoice, upon that blessed shore.
For she was faithful good and true, to every trust while here,
And has earned a place among the just, in a high and holy sphere.
So let us every one take heed and every one prepare,
That when it comes our time to go, we'll all be welcomed there,
And have the blessed privilege of meeting thouse that's gone.
To dwell with them eternally within that heavenly home.

Park record 10/5/1917

As a side note, it was a walk to Maggie Stevenson's birthday party in 1914 that proved to be the last for William and Mary after Mary had suffered a stroke. In his journal he writes:
Along in May 1914 I had been taking Mary out riding in a bugg at times & we were invited to Maggie Stevensons birthday party. So I got Mary to consent to go along in the buggy. When we got there & she saw so many of her old friends all happy & cheerful she broke down & cried & I had to take her back home. She could not bear the thought of not being able to take part as she used to be one of the most cheerful in any gathering she ever was in. Of course I never took her into any gathering again away from home.

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