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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Election results

In an 1892 race for county recorder, the Wasatch Wave reported that he lost the election for recorder to Bond by 15 votes.

Apparently the jobs of clerk and recorder were combined in the 1898 election. William Lindsay challenged John Giles for the position of County Clerk and Record. William Lindsay was able to get 45% percent of the vote on the Republican ticket but lost the race as posted in the Wasatch Wave on 11/18/1898. John Giles won with 666 votes though, a bad sign all around.

William Lindsay did hold a civic position later in life; he was appointed as County Bailiff. In William Lindsay's own words regarding these elections and positions:

"At the death of Ed. Buys who had been acting as Court Bailiff I was appointed to fill the vacancy for which I received $20.00 per month. I held this position about a year & a half & I got on very nicely with Judge Morgan & the County commissioners but on the next election the Democrats won the county election & declared all appointive offices vacant & although Judge Morgan a Democrat asked that I be retained his wishes were not granted & another was given the job. Many years before I was run on the Republican ticket against John T. Giles for County Clerk & thought I ran ahead of my ticket I lost by some 16 votes so that was about all of my experience in politics or at least in running for Office."
Autobiography pg 325
Had he won these positions we would have had much more of his mention and writing in the Wasatch Wave!

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